On this page you will find work undertaken over the years some are available for purchase other are commission only, if you require more details such as prices do not hesitate to contact me.

Loosing your Marble (2016) Porcelain, oxides

In this project I looked back at my work on wine decanters (2013). I wanted to recreate ideas of movement and playfulness in a more colorful way. The aim is for the user to gets lost into new stories echoing marbles played with during childhood. Losing your marbles still retain the staining element trough the use of the objects leaving an idea of procession and individuality. Work available for purchase

Machine for Eating (2016) Earthenware

Machine for Eating is an ode to Modernism and social exchange. The project once again explore concepts of values surrounding the home and eating. The set work has a modular arrangement that invite the user to a playful experience. I tried to question ideas of what make a house a home in relation to what make  eating a social exchange more then a necessity. Work available to purchases (carafe, 6side plates, 2storage dishes)


Reef Service (2014) Terracotta

Reef explores ideas of memories and values.The blue glaze was created in reference to my holidays by the sea. The terracotta send back to the idea of earthy values, the tilting action suggest ideas of fragility. The application of lustre was in reference to ideas of preciousness even if historically it had as well a practical purpose (plates could be seen by candle light). The concrete base was embedded with fragment of a broken plate to show the importance of memories and how it can influence ideas of value. Carafes available to purchase, plates and platter commission only



Decanters (2013) Porcelain, and Red Wine

Decanter was an early work on memories and ideas of marking events. Decanters are generally used for special events for this reasons I wanted the user to be able to leave a mark. The decanter is left with an imprint of the memories questioning what maybe valuable to the user, is it the object, the material or the pass moment. Different body of clays were tested to optimise the oxygenation of the wine.


Planets System (2013) Porcelain, Wood, Copper

Planets system came from my love of science. Ideas of balance and fragility are often associates with planets. All objects double as vases, holding fragile and temporary life. Work available on commission only.